Kris Kendall reviews

 Why Choose ME?:

Working tirelessly, with compassion and understanding, I feel allows me to provide the best possible service while maintaining a relationship that is real. While every real estate agent these days has access to an abundance of information, I sometimes feel the human connection is lacking when it comes to business and real estate.
 My name is Kris Kendall. I've began visiting the Columbia River Gorge in 1996 and moved here shortly thereafter. I decided to move here for many reasons, but it was only after I had made Hood River my home that I became truly aware of the wonder and beauty of this area.
Rich in culture, a strong sense of family and an amazing abundance of recreational opportunities, the area is regularly listed among the country’s best places to live, work and recreate by many national magazines. In any direction I can choose between dozens of outdoor activates including hiking, biking, windsurfing, kiteboarding, kayaking, standup paddling, swimming, fishing, skiing, climbing, horseback riding, camping and much more. Many of the activities, such as windsurfing, kayaking and fishing for salmon and steelhead, enjoy world-class status. And, all of these activates, along with excellent dining and more leisurely pursuits, are in the midst of spectacular scenic wonder, from the rivers to the dramatic foothills, lush forests, spacious valleys and snow-capped mountains.
I can’t imagine a better place to call home. Each community in the Gorge possesses its own unique charm and offers the type of familiarity that is distinctive and extraordinary in this day and age of expansion and growth. One of the greatest assets of the Columbia River Gorge area is just that - the feeling of true community and after living here I have made so many amazing friends that have come to be MY family. In my opinion the residents who live here, although diverse, appreciate the natural beauty and surroundings the Gorge offers, love being healthy and physically active, and have a vested interest in family as it relates to the community. All of these characteristics are fantastic and make the area even more desirable.
During my years since 2003 working full time as a Realtor in the Gorge I’ve earned my GRI, Graduate Realtor Institute and CRS, Certified Residential Specialist Accreditations, Certified Residential Marketing Specialist, Senior Resl Estate Specialist, Epro. I love the challenges my career provides and the deep sense of fulfillment of helping people achieve their dreams.
As a buyer, you can trust that I will work tirelessly, applying my years of experience, to help you find your perfect home or property. As a seller, as your listing agent I will go above and beyond to find the right buyer for your home. I bring win-win negotiating skills to the table, along with persistence, patience, honesty and integrity. I am detail oriented, organized and an extremely hard worker. If your plans are to move out of the area, I can also put you in the care of a competent agent in the city or town you are moving to that will be an expert in that area.
Communication, honesty, loyalty and authenticity is what I feel the most significant components of any successful relationship whether it is personal or business. My sincerity and genuine caring for people provides me with the ability to truly listen and hear the needs that my clients are communicating. You can reach me directly at 541-387-6559 or directly at 541-490-0427.


I grew up in the quaint little beach town of San Clemente in Southern California. Much of my youth and time as a young adult was spent at the beach in the salty ocean waters, swimming, surfing, training others and competing in beach competitions & triathlons while I worked as a California State Beach Life guard for 15 years during the summers. My winter months were spent working in the commercial/television and film industry and attending college where I received a Bachelor of Science in Physiology, Kinesiology, Physical Education and Sports Medicine with a minor in Nutrition from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 1991. I then landed a position as an associate executive manager and personal trainer at a large corporate fitness facility in IrvineCalifornia. It was during those early years of being a personal trainer and lifeguarding that it became clear to me that I loved working with people from all types of backgrounds and is why being a real estate agent is the perfect career for me. I moved to the Northwest to Portland in 1997, discovered the Gorge while becoming an avid windsurfer and then moved to Hood River in 2002.
I’m a very active person and I take advantage and enjoy many of the outdoor sports and activities that the Columbia Gorge offers. Windsurfing, kite boarding, skiing, running, horseback riding, snowboarding, kayaking, hiking, competitive swimming, and mountain biking. My other passions include the practice of yoga, professional photography, Stand up paddleboarding, biking
 and  community involvement. I am very much involved in the local schools & community arenas offering my time and efforts in support of the foundation of what the Columbia River Gorge community supports….children and family! I look forward to the opprotunity to work with you and provide a high level of service, experience, knowledge communicaiton, and consideration every client receives to the best of my ability. I look forward tothe opportunity to work with you as well. 
Thank you